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Clinical Research Center

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The University of Missouri Clinical Research Center brings scientific discovery to the realm of patient care by supporting patients, volunteers and researchers who participate in clinical trials and other forms of clinical research. Clinical trials are research studies that are carefully designed to answer questions about the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments for illness and injuries. These treatments could be drugs, devices, types of exercise, nutritional regimens or mental health therapies. The studies may test new treatments or compare existing treatments to determine which works best. The University of Missouri has more than 400 clinical trials in the process of improving health and quality of life.

Located on the fifth floor of MU's University Hospital and School of Medicine, the center is ideally positioned to serve as a bridge between clinical medicine and biomedical science. The location is easily accessible by patients and volunteers, as well as scientists and clinicians throughout the University of Missouri's schools, centers and network of hospitals and clinics.

MU's Clinical Research Center contains an advanced inpatient Phase 1 clinical trials unit, five inpatient beds, three outpatient exam rooms, a metabolic kitchen to support nutrition studies, and an exercise facility. The center also contains work areas specifically for researchers, including meeting rooms, a general laboratory and information technology facilities. The environment is designed to support clinical and translational scientists, as well as training programs for physicians who want to contribute to clinical research.

The center is directed by Dean Hainsworth, MD, director of clinical research for the University of Missouri Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and MU School of Medicine. To contact the Clinical Research Center, please call (573) 882-4894.