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Education and Training

Remarkable advances in medical research have transformed our understanding of human biology and the molecular and genetic basis of disease. In fact, research has progressed so rapidly that medicine is experiencing what experts call a "scientific bottleneck." Discoveries made by laboratory scientists have provided an enormous amount of new information, but most physicians have not been adequately trained in both science and medicine to apply that information to the benefit of patients. To break this bottleneck that keeps the latest research from reaching patients, academic medical centers at the University of Missouri and elsewhere are training a new generation of physician-scientists by developing innovative educational programs.

Public Education

Public awareness and engagement are critical to the advancement of clinical and translational science. The University of Missouri offers a variety of related educational programs for elementary school students, undergraduate students, educators and the public in general. For example, MU's Maps in Medicine program receives funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to help middle and high school students and their teachers learn more about modern biology and its relation to human needs and events. Other Howard Hughes Medical Institute collaborations include the C3 Program, which supports collaboration, computational solutions and communication, as well as the science news portal SciXchange. MU's Division of Biological Science and Science Education Center operate a science outreach office that helps keep students and community members informed about many university programs and events related to clinical and translational research.

MU's Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICATS) also distributes news and information to students, educators, scientists and the public through its website, publications, events and other activities. If you would like to receive news and information about clinical and translational research, or request an expert speaker to present to your group or organization, please send an email to or contact the ICATS' office.


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